Spoken Word: Goodbye to Freedom


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Saturday, February 8, 2020


It's hard to say goodbye to freedom. You hoodlum
One that’s attained through bloodshed, whiskey and rum
Though our sweat and tears were at the foundation
Ignore not the fears and death to build this your Nation
When human sacrifice was the ante to a gambling bet
Ten acres to a smoking chimney was not a sweat
With hard work and struggle our freedom is intact
Six bombs and a Bible won’t get the damn thing back
Sore back and knees building your city we’re welcomed
Now your greedy child hinted goodbye to our freedom

Ignore tossed slaves - the death - to sick and suffering
Inhumane treatment with insults were your offering
We lived through colonization, carved an education
Became part of your system and attained our plantation
When bombs and fire destroyed the city you’ve got
It was okay for foreigners to enter and rebuild. Why not?
Now greed, with divisive political instability abides
Fight and divide; even a threat to the throne you can’t hide
Our children grew with love, the you we let them know
They’re born free now you’re scared ‘your's to have to go’

Human interactions love flew, bodies became one
Melanin divides but blended the daughter and son
When internally you were at war and outnumbered
You gave freedom to fight; who cared we were colored
Wealth and stature became threatened interracially
For slaves blood got into your wealth unintentionally
The fact one blended and became President was a scare
For the air that was up there became not so rare
The ambition to redo political status became clear
Immediately, invoke racism, to lose freedom we’ll fear

Over a time education exposes the reality of your thrust
It’s not your lack of melanin, revealing hatred and lust
Too late my friend, too late the youth are aware, too late
The battle is internal, you can’t forcefully instigate hate
Age, religion, gender and hue were prejudice barriers
The new generation are more blended free warriors
We survived, emancipated, all the while staying mentally strong
Amid abuse we showed love even though you were wrong
Hoard, amass all the wealth, it may build your stardom
Get real, you’ll never ever be able to take our freedom

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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