Spoken Word: Guarded


William "Bubbles: Galloway

Release Date

Wednesday, January 29, 2020


"No!" was the answer when he asked her name
Realizing it was the wrong answer she was ashamed
Her guard was up for he had a triage of broken hearts
She aimed to be sure her’s was safe and not in parts
His smile and mannerism attacked her innocence
With a sound mind she exercised her prudence

Perseverance and guile led to gaining a smile
Gifts and offers coerced her along the other mile
Soon she was falling, ignoring the signs with empathy
Then she saw a Vesuvian eruption profoundly
Her probity got trapped in a wounded Bear's cage
By her talking to a friend he became jealousy enraged

Cease fire fondness, chastity is being tested
Conscionable aggressions been abated
The aching broken arms of love resisted
Upon his visual the knees got weak and twisted
Yet the crushed palpitating heart flutters on sight
Knowing to get back in those arms aren’t right

It’s not the stars that made the night sky bright
But that daring want for a new celestial night
In the eyes of the virtuous, righteousness abides
Though waves may be rough, one waits for low tide
Still we stand guarded for love hurts beyond the bone
Remember when pain reaches the heart you cry alone

Note; William "Bubbles" is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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