Spoken Word: Madame M.


Edgar Nkosi White

Release Date

Tuesday, January 22, 2019


I misplaced the Moon and ended up searching
For you the whole night long.
Careless of me and alone
I called out:
Your Night name

Your teeth and that sudden thing your eyes do
(wine and astonishment that they take on)
The pearls at your neck
when you play corporate.

Your children hid your thighs from me
(I couldn' t see between them)
and you knew I was looking.

I want to learn your body
and suck your tongue
long enough to steal speech.

(your lethal weapon).

Maybe had we met before
We would lie together better.

Or maybe I would just become
Like the man you keep
in the other room.

The one who listens sadly
to the intense orgasm
of a tennis match!


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