Spoken Word: Madame


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Wednesday, October 2, 2019


Hello Madame nice to see you in a good mood
Well the island still here and it looks good
Lord have mercy, it really isn’t as daunting
We’ve been traveling all day since morning
Everyone on this boat are weary and tarried
Some hungry tired longing for home and worried

First time back since running from shelter to shelter
That damn volcano had me on my heels and swelter
Defending my children from them creepy molesters
The opportunity to go was the best welcoming factor
Volcano destroyed my youth, my savings all I acquire
Scared emotionally but reincarnated to face the fire

England was another tune but a new door opened
I felt stronghold by the ones in control as it happened
Education taught me to pursue, so I did for my Masters
The path cleared and life flourished amid the disaster
Can’t run and jump like I use to, Father Time catch up on me
But I move like the rolling bolder thank God for the energy

What you said your name was? Never mind I will forget
But look how wonderful this place is, haven’t heard a siren yet
They say I can’t go back to George street tell me a no true?
So me can’t go a market or cross fort Ghaut bridge too
Well once you are alive everything is subject to change
Look even this port is moved and town rearranged

Now wait what you ask me ‘how long I’m going to stay’
Young lady a ya me born me navel string done rut away
It sound like you a judge me because me come from foreign
You need it to keep your record? Well tell me so then
Remember me hungry, tired, weary, worried and miserable
But thank God I’m on the rock so watch me I’m comfortable

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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