Spoken Word: Night Soil


Edgar Nkosi White

Release Date

Monday, October 22, 2018


The strong moonlight woke me early to the stench
of too much rich food and spree.
Like the water of dead flowers:
Night soil.

Now, I didn't need a Premier
didn't need a slogan or a speech.
Just someone with a shovel
a pump and the will to haul away
that which I could no longer accept
no longer deny:
Night soil.

But they don't give Knighthood for moving soil
Not even an "Honourable"
The most they do is pass remark and murmur.

And in the end
all we are is what we do
(not what we say we do).
Else in that end
all we really leave behind us for legacy:
Night soil.

The strong moon woke me early to the stench.

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