Spoken Word: Not a Real Lie


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Conversations with meaning so fine
Rocking the core of my soul you were so divine
Speeches very eloquent some even rhyme
Then you dabble misconceptions with time
Constant droplets the sentiment eroded the line
Your greed overtook what was rightfully mine

Matrimonial pledge and kids we said I do
Now your ex Baby mother has another for you
One dad plan said its withdrawal from the sperm bank
Your long silence, story unveiled by the rumor tank
Truth tripped, maybe she slipped and fell on something
Must be fake news or someone got good buffing

Blissful intelligence that would’ve made us flourish
From a golden castle now everything is rubbish
Promises you made at my door are now doormats
Beautiful pictured future you painted are all warts
That elongated word for truth  - sincerity, oh oh oh
Should have adjudicated to the short lie no no no

You Trump our relationship - it’s a presidential lie
Even with short fingers a grab won’t get you by
That baby is an offspring product of insertion
Frozen eggs is a convoluted tale for diversion
My vulnerability became your trapeze machine
Cardiac aerial apparatus utilized so come clean

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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