Spoken Word: O' Ye Leader

Spoken Word: O' Ye Leader

William Bubblicous Galloway

Release Date

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Discombobulated, selfishly uncaring, we should stop, we'll learn
Every angular interest in life points to eventually no return
Waxed filled ears hearing only the power of advantage
The people hope your ego won't go on a rampage
Ideology re-enforced through egotistical psychology
Can numbingly apply blinders to life's reality

The fire of life is stoking and the pot is empty
A people is asking where is the promise to prosperity
Wheels have turned and nature has done its toll
Stunning realization that leadership should take its role
If your eyes are closed to prosperity follow commandingly
Drawing straws for accusation is not leadership quality
Progress sometimes travels in the slow lane so come on
What have you done for me lately is reality not just a slogan

Though your goal is blinded and hindered by others
Impute not guilt or censure for we are but sisters and brothers
When you urinate in the camp fire someone else takes the blame
Self evaluation for progress should never yield shame
Stand tall be the flagpole amid the chaotic storm of life
The ebb expose condemnation positivity display strife
Seek the required pace to unify all the green lights
For that go is a necessary representation to erase all strifes

Be symbolic. Overturn every rock even the rock you're standing on
Dense filth lack buoyancy and eel like perps needs chum
That promise of openness and clarity is quite opaque
Wondering thoughts seeking action may falter and critique
When your unfinished tasked is done
You'll be returning to reality an ex leader yet a political civilian
Shrubs at your gate survived by the manure from your fable
You've grown an orchard of those fruits now on the table

Editor's Note: William Galloway is a freelance Spoken Word Contributor with MNI Alive


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