Spoken Word: Rumours In Rum-shop Windows


Edgar Nkosi White

Release Date

Monday, January 7, 2019


Genius is a little like piss
You can't keep it to yourself

Hold it inside you and it hurts

(Like God's Grace).

Know this:

They never give you anything.
They never give "to you."

only through you

on the way
to themselves.

It's never you they love.
It's themselves

In a mirror darkly.

They give themselves
prizes for having had the wisdom

to own you.

And we of the Caribbean
on loan from the sea

Live the difference
Liberty and freedom.

(One, we know and of the other we've only heard.)

Not that I mind.

Just so you know that I know
who you be.

"You sure?"

Now we can go dance Masquerade together.

"And God?"

Just a rumour
A rumour in a rum-shop window.

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