Spoken Word: Selfishly


Angela Roache

Release Date

Friday, August 9, 2019


'll pretend I don't hear you, and hide behind naiveté.
I'll push you away bit by bit
with every display of "my irritation"
"my criticism", and "my disgust".

I'll tell you I love you because it's robotic
But deep within, I scream get away from me,
and my actions show it.

Nevermind past rejections, abuse and disdain.
Who cares!! (LONG PAUSE)

You are transformed and are better
by your association or contact with the other,
but is the other better by you? 

It's not about money, it's not about cars,
it's not about fancy clothes.
The act of love is innate.
It comes naturally.

Make me feel desired, and wanted,
and not downhearted, and unsure.
All I want from you is to hug me, kiss me,
caress me, and love me selfishly.

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