Spoken Word: She asked "Why the hell?"


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Thursday, June 27, 2019


Why the hell do you have to be perfect
My life was in a comfortable spin then you interjected
Expecting usual entertaining date, according to plan
Nowhere close and exciting nor a one night stand
It occurred, then the morning brought anxiety
Needed to be in your arms to unfold my mystery
This feeling of belonging and wanting is overwhelming
Deck shuffled but these four aces are breathtaking

You listened to me and offered positive reaction
I wasn’t just a girl speaking, I was a person
Even cared about my day asking me to extrapolate
My mission was to recede, yours was communicate
Entering the catacombs of my mind to let me see
This woman shackled to her past, setting me free
Caring, why the hell do you have to care so much?
My life was in shambles I had time. Why the rush?

Damn this stroll on the beach beneath the night sky
Feet in the sand stars glaring I couldn’t ask why
In moments of pleasure you kissed me gently
The waves rushed to shore peeking just to see
Clouds folded up to offer a clear deep starlit blue
Then my heart palpitates, receiving kisses from you
Good night was that a phrase without a meaning
My legs heading home, heart kicking and screaming

This lonely heart is now a stones throw from heaven
I pray this not be a passing ship on the ocean
Confidence and poise are on the ascending trail
Beg I do not but to be in your arms begging I won’t fail
Your ability to let me see the beauty in openness
The very reason ex lovers put my life through stress
This is a stab in the dark hoping for a redo
But for my last ten years where the hell were you?

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Spoken Word Contributor

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