Spoken Word; Silence Is......


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Friday, May 10, 2019


That deafening sound of a void echoing in the hallway
Listening for an accusing voice but no one is here to say
It’s giving up on love because the house seems empty
Then the corner seat at the bar needs me being thirsty
Flirtatiously beautiful with extra makeup, she said it was over
That fine looking ass and my heart is still in need of a cover
Silence you are the juke box in my head tonight
That car’s screeching wheel trying to instigate fright
There is no value to the pain that this loneliness disperses
Untouched pillow and tucked sheet, empty bed still hurts

It’s sitting on a rock at Carr’s Bay bluff, her melodious voice I hear
Calm waves crashing, I look around but can’t see her anywhere
The moonlight glistening on the shimmering water
My empty arms with a complimentary heart is shaking after
Fatigue enters through the cracks of my lost mind
Depression is taking up residence in that open space it finds
This me time is supposed to be utilized as needed down time
Expecting sugar candy tastes but getting a welcoming sour lime
Somebody please - yell, shake, shout anything to move me
For the emptiness of of my life is winning and won’t let me be

Silence yet, I love the way you allow life’s constant changes
All hope and certainty of tomorrow after you, it rearranges
The howling winds on Baker hill shouting her name
But in her absence lies and truth of this, are the same
As the rushing winds yell at the sage brush
The killie hawk glides high above as if to say hush
He’s eying the mice dashing to the nearest crevice
With speed and precision its a meal he can’t miss
The pin drop is an indication that disaster is at hand
For when it’s gone it gives calamity the command
Crash through the broken barriers of my heart let us restart
Silence is over, life is the background noise, do not depart

Note: William "Bubbles' Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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