Spoken Word: The Trumpeter

Spoken Word: The Trumpeter

William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Friday, January 15, 2016


At a cold New Hampshire campaign rally
College kids in discussion walking down this alley
Someone says lets dump the Trump
He is but an open illusion to get us over the hump
The reality this coagulated visionary cannot see
Most rich men know nothing about aiding poverty
Go south build a wall and make Mexico pay
A free condemned man works while you play
Passage through under and over are points of entry
Trump this, you can't capture what you can't see
It's Politically correct to sling ignorance with arrogance
It's also smart to be silent if being vocal is a nuisance

With a tornado of promise and blinding deception
His message naively gets immaculate reception
Rhetoric about race and religion he delves to scare
Like a coal miner's lobbyist promising clean air
The trumpeter blows sweet sounds about a future
From his alien view point to make this country better
Influential with ideas ruthlessly could be detrimental
Standing on a soapbox promise of honor experimental
World leader does not make him king or dictator
In a democracy to the people he still has to answer
A gobi desert camel with riches in its hump
Followers trail but when he fails they'll dump the trump

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is a spoken word contributor with MNI Alive Media

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