Spoken Word: Why Didn't She Ask?


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Thursday, May 3, 2018


She was in love, age was an acute barrier
The fact she was fifteen years his senior
Skeptical, for her previous lover was much older
Infatuation or love running the gauntlet bolder
She wanted that womanly flow to exceed the average
Her life and its development were laden with knowledge
Maturity chased time, nature unfolds reality in action
Acrobatic pleasure lost a few notches now its passion

Prior years she needed a lot of fore before the play
With the chase on, romance had to be coming her way
Her need was an intense reservoir of satisfaction
Female maturity seeking knowledge and gratification
Prowess for satisfaction younger men were unaware
The need to aid her climatic position as if they didn't care
She seeks the matured benefit package without censorship
Venturing to accept his advancement for intellectual relationship
To teach during intimacy was not her desire
Passion was acme she needed this maturity to keep her fire

Time passed, youthful advanced, appetite grew, and love faded
Comfort revitalized in the arms of this young man she now dated
In youth she was in search of amusement and knowledge
In pursuit of glee, no place or position was taboo even vintage
Now yesterday's knowledge enlightens her tomorrow smile
This new lover in training is offering satisfaction and guile
The cradle was rocking, eroticism and passion were flowing
Communication is interaction while copulation is glowing
She gasped when revealed the new lover is the ex lovers son
Lost in emotions prior why didn't she ask to see where love belongs

Editor's Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is our resident Spoken Word Contributor at MNI Media

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