Spoken Word: Yes It"s You


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Sunday, December 16, 2018


For those years, first love was a fulfilled dream
Longing, wanting, mesmerized feeling not like it seems
A poppy love chassé down in the virgin territory
At stake - hymen, heartache, forever, break up joy or misery
This memory profound like new linoleum or a new car
Binding and fluffy as pancake for you know not who you are
The rookie’s best is offered and machismo is profound
For a ram can be king of the jungle if no predator is around
This storybook storm chasing love sometimes hastens to depart
Then ageing towards maturity crushed with a broken heart

Life turbulence, maturity nurturing youthful indulgence
You said you love me, my resistance reverts with vengeance
For broken heart left a skid mark my mind couldn’t erase
Try as I may you refuse to let go of my down trodden pace
You came finding the glorious something out of my nothing
Pleasurable youth was ravaged, new relationship I’m loathing
Still you decline to release this shattered soul
Massaging this puzzled heart desperate to make me whole
You deserve better, I’m a dream but your emotions are real
I’m a crumbled highway to nowhere a futile steal

You are the photosynthesis of my life, the glory in my shine
My best that the world sees is all because you are mine
Holding on nurturing combobulate this errant child of hope
Yes you are settling rearranging this life to make it cope
When this caterpillar aged and thought its world was over
There you stayed by its side ‘walla’ a butterfly you uncover
When the world ask what made me morph as they always do
Boldly like charioteer with a logo I’ll always say yes ‘it’s you’
With precision and skill you’ve carved this rigid rock of force
Into self proclaimed conscientious man on a lovers course
When everything gets tough and all else fails you are there
In my catalog of experience I’ve learned courage always beats fear

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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