Statement On The Capital Investment Programme For Resilient Economic Growth (CIPREG) Projects On Montserrat

Plan for Montserrat's National Hospital

Governor's Office, Montserrat

Release Date

Thursday, October 20, 2022


This week, two FDCO officials responsible for the oversight of the projects under the CIPREG Programme are on Montserrat. The specific focus of this visit is the ongoing Hospital Development Project. Their visit was planned to coincide with Article 25, the supplier responsible for the design and build of the new hospital. All parties are
working alongside the Ministry of Health and the hospital project management team.

The public will soon be able to tour the new hospital development project via an online virtual tour. Her Excellency the Governor Sarah Tucker said:

“I was delighted to have the design team from Article 25 in Montserrat, to complete the final information collection. The hospital development project and the implementation of the new health information system are both making good progress and are set to change the face of health care on Montserrat. My thanks to the Ministry of Health and the PMO for the continued hard work in ensuring this development happens. I am grateful to the UK Government for its continued commitment to the sustainable growth and development of Montserrat.”

Article 25 will present an update to Cabinet on Thursday October 20 th . In addition to the hospital development project, the CIPREG review team are also checking up on the progress of other live projects. These include:

The sewage plant in Davy Hill
The sewage plant in Drummonds
The social housing review project
The Airport Control tower
The Asphalt plant.
Montserrat Secondary School Blocks L&M

The CIPREG Review visit is set to conclude on Friday October 21 st .

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