Statement: Trump Administration's Expansion of Muslim Ban and U.S. Corporations Supporting the Anti-Muslim Agenda


Action Center for Race & the Economy (ACRE)

Release Date

Monday, January 27, 2020


CHICAGO-- Today, the Action Center for Race & the Economy (ACRE) released the following statement condemning the Trump Administration’s expanded Muslim Ban and stands with those protesting for justice. ACRE also holds U.S. corporations accountable for their role in supporting and advancing the Anti-Muslim agenda.

Statement by ACRE Co-Executive Director Saqib Bhatti:

“On the third anniversary of the Trump Administration’s Muslim Ban, we call out the cruelty, bigotry and racism at the heart of this policy targeting Muslims -- as well as the corporations, organizations, and individuals who promote and profit from anti-Muslim bigotry. 

“This ban criminalizes Muslims families, further perpetuating harmful stereotypes and mischaracterizations that are part of the Administration’s broader anti-Muslim agenda. This serves to foster the environment of vitriol and hate against Muslims that has resulted in increased hate crimes and rising violence against Muslims and communities perceived to be Muslim.”

“ACRE stands in solidarity with grassroots efforts to protect the dignity and rights of Muslims and will continue our work to hold the administration and private actors like Google, Amazon, and Fidelity accountable for their role in platforming and financing the spread of this dangerous agenda. 

“We must stand together to both demand a repeal of discriminatory policies like the Muslim Ban and hold these corporate entities that benefit from anti-Muslim bigotry accountable.”

Crescendo, a project of the Action Center on Race & the Economy (ACRE), is focused on researching and campaigning against anti-Muslim corporations, organizations, and individuals, including those that provide financial support to anti-Muslim actors and whose business practices are anti-Muslim. ACRE’s United States of Islamophobia report highlighted how this is a nationwide phenomenon.  ACRE’s most recent report, "Fanning The Flames," further details how multiple U.S. corporations are supporting this deadly anti-Muslim agenda. This includes companies that discriminate against Muslim workers, profit from war in Muslim countries, profit from the incarceration and/or deportation of Muslims, and provide platforms for or promote anti-Muslim hate groups. 

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