Statistics Department on Montserrat to Start Household Budgetary Survey this February


Government Information Unit

Release Date

Thursday, February 6, 2020


The Statistics Department on Montserrat will be conducting a Household Budgeting Survey (HBS) over the next six-months, starting February 24th and ending in July.

As part of the process the department will use a systematic sampling method to select 800 households on Montserrat to conduct the survey. The department explained that the survey will be conducted through face to face interviews by enumerators (an official who collects data for the Statistics Department). The enumerator will interview households utilizing the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) software and provide the responses electronically on a tablet using an electronic questionnaire.

Through this survey, the department will be able to learn more about the living conditions of the population on Montserrat, establish poverty lines in Montserrat and determine the spending patterns of households in Montserrat.

The survey is also significant as it will allow the department to collect information on persons within the Montserrat population for a study on living conditions. The living conditions study will give an understanding of how we live, how we are surviving and what assistance is needed to improve our standard of living.

The Statistics Department is therefore encouraging persons selected to participate in the HBS survey as it will affect the survey results.

The department has also indicated that providing quality statistics is necessary for the development of the community and the country, and therefore the quantity of data collected must be sufficient.

Individuals with questions or concerns, can contact the Statistics Department by calling 491-3797 or 491-3794 or via email at .

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