Sunny Slice: A Delicious Caribbean Sweet Potato Cake Recipe

Sweet Potato Cake

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Tuesday, February 20, 2024


Are you dreaming of something sweet? How about indulging in a delicious piece of sweet potato cake - the recipe for which we have lovingly borrowed from the home cooks and skillful bakers of St. Martin? These versatile tubers, aka sweet potatoes, date back to South America in 8000 BC, capturing the hearts and palates of millions worldwide. 

You are probably curious about all the sweet potato talk. Well, surprise, with National Cook a Sweet Potato Day just around the corner on February 22, we want to put you in the right mood to celebrate all things potato.

To that end, we offer you this rich, moist cake with a teaspoon of island flair! Enhance your baking skills this month with this accessible recipe, and profess your passion for potatoes for all to hear (and taste!)

A-pealing to everyone in the family, grab your mixing bowls and get ready to lick the spoon with this scrumptious Sweet Potato Cake recipe complimentary of St. Martin. 

Sweet potato pudding
Potato pudding

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