Sunshine & NaDiva: Bad & Ready Track (Caribbean Sessions Riddim) Soca 2017


Jeevan A. Robinson (MNI Alive Media)

Release Date

Thursday, March 16, 2017


Two fabulous ladies are making more waves on the UK and the Worldwide Soca Scene! Sunshine & NaDiva are known to be professionals in what they do vocally in Soca, and also creatively with dance and other such expressions. However, here they are again with a song for 2017 on the Caribbean Sessions Riddim called "Bad & Ready!

Listening to the song before writing this review, it was for me an involuntary tapping of the feet to this smooth beat, laid over with some crisp vocals; and groovy lyrics by Sunshine & NaDiva. It is one of those tunes that when you're inside the fete and the vibe is tight; and you're with great company - this song simply commands revellers to come on to the dance floor and make moves like they are Bad & Ready!

What I further love about this track is the infusion of a rap style segment within the tune that gives it that youthful appeal, and injects a different flair into the Soca. Surely, these two ladies are unique in their musical delivery!

Speaking about the 2017 Track "Bad & Ready", Sunshine and NaDiva stated that this track is "the introduction to the Tropical London sound of music, which is the Sundivas fresh and current sound"

The song was produced by the trio of Caribbean Sessions, SD Productions & S&N. What's on offer by this trio is certain to have Carnival lovers the world over dancing.

When Caribbean Sessions asked the ladies what Carnival meant to them, there answer, we were informed, was simply #badnready

The track is further described as being a blend of "girl boss lyrical flow familiar to UK/Grime and Urban music with the merging of an authentic Soca sound."

We love this new track here at Marketing, News & Information Media and we hope that you will too! Well done and congratulations to Sunshine & NaDiva!

Listen to the track Bad & Ready below:

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