Take Care of Your Neighbour


Darren Roache

Release Date

Thursday, April 16, 2020


There was a story about two neighbours, John and Richard, who lived next to each other and did not get along with each other. There was no secret about their mutual dislike.

One day a thief tried to break into John’s house while he was out. Richard witnessed the event, went over, apprehended the thief and called the police.

John returned just as the police where taking the thief away and was shocked to learn what Richard had done.

“I thought you did not like me Richard,” said John.

“I still don’t,” retorted Richard.

“So then, why did you help me?” asked John quite puzzled.

“I was not helping you John,” Richard responded, “I was helping myself.”

“I don’t understand,” said John most perplexed.

“Well, it’s like this,” Richard responded. “If I let that thief get away with robbing your house, who’s house do you think he was going to hit next?”

“I would not have done that for you ... ” John said with his head hung low, “... and spited myself in the process. Thank you neighbour.”

Remember, what affects your neighbour may affect you. Look out for each other. You may well be protecting yourself by doing so.

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