Ten Tips for Working at Home During COVID-19 Crisis


Release Date

Friday, March 27, 2020


Lots of people are now working from home. So how can you make the experience productive?

See below ten tips on how to:

1. Get organised – set yourself objectives for the day by writing a to do list

2. Use your lunch break wisely – move around the house, go outside or to another room, tidy your work space, pick up an extra hobby (reading, painting) something to distract your mind from work for a short while

3. Make sure those around you know when you are working/when you can or can’t be disturbed

4. Make sure you drink plenty of water – don’t break good habits just because you are at home

5. Stay in touch with your colleagues – it doesn’t have to be all day every day, keep communication regular, it will make you feel less isolated

6. Have a designated work space – only be in this space when you are working

7. Stick to your normal hours – it can be easy to work overtime at home, but keep your routine as normal as possible – be strict with yourself when it comes to time management

8. Get dressed – it doesn’t have to be normal work clothes, but don’t stay in you dressing gown or pyjamas all day

9. Allow background noise – put the radio or some music on, the office isn’t usually quiet, so have another noise around you

10. Plan your meals – don’t snack just because you’re at home

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