The FACTS on Tourism, Not From Us But From the CTO, ANTIGUA’S Arrivals are Up In 2014!



Release Date

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


The Antigua Labour party today released a statement about Tourism. The utter nonsense in the statement was incredible even by their standards.

See this link for the tables from the CTO, please see the link


In 2014 the following has happened!!

Our Air Arrivals are UP in 2014 by 9.7%, only Cuba beat us with 9.8%. Our "competitors" such as Barbados grew 1.1%, Jamaica grew 4.8%. We had the 2nd HIGHEST GROWTH RATE in the region!

In February we are UP 11.2% in Tourist arrivals , 8.2% in January. Again our competitors, Barbados are DOWN 1.5% in January, Jamaica grew 4.8%

Tourism Arrivals are up! Air arrivals are up, stay overs are up!

We have the 2nd highest growth rate of air arrivals in the whole Caribbean!

With more hotels coming, more planes landing, more passengers arriving, we are on the right track.

We saw an increase of 9% of US visitors, Barbados were MINUS 1.5% in 2014!!



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