The Great House: Antigua’s Historical Gem

The Great House Antigua

Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


The Caribbean islands of Antigua & Barbuda are home to some of the most luxurious beaches, cinematic views and welcoming people in the world. With hundreds of years of history, Antigua & Barbuda’s rich heritage draws thousands of history buffs to its shores every year. For those looking to embrace the unique culture and Caribbean lifestyle of the islands, look no further than The Great House! 

(As an important historical note, The Great House fully acknowledges its centuries-old origins and role in the African slave trade. The Great House has never endeavoured to glorify or misrepresent the pain of those affected but believes the artifacts and stories of the property play a vital role in preserving and platforming the voices of those who were silenced.) 

Nestled within the 26 secluded acres of the venerable Mercers Creek Plantation, The Great House is more than 350 years old. What makes this location unique is the abundance of original architecture that remains on the property. Ranging from one of the last stone sugar mills in Antigua to the elegant mahogany furnishings in the residences, guests get the opportunity to step into the complicated colonial history of the destination without giving up on the modern comforts that define the Antigua & Barbuda luxury experience.  

The view from the property alone is enough to convince anyone to vacation here, with an amazing panorama of the Caribbean, a private bay and the island of Guana. The Great House was also built upon a hill overlooking the sea to benefit from the breezy coastal winds, keeping the property cool and relaxing. According to family tales and local lore, past guests and secret patrons of The Great House include the Kennedys, Humphrey Bogart and many more! 

There are multiple suite options available to guests during their stay at The Great House:  the Garden Suite, the Dukes Suite, the French Suite, Royal Suite and Pineapple Suite. For those looking for a touch of modernity during their stay, the Garden Suites are an excellent choice. The suite offers guests a private veranda and terrace as well as some relaxing hammocks! On the other hand, if you want to embrace the history of the property, the French Suite is an excellent choice.  With a 19th century double wrought-iron French four-poster bed and beautiful double doors that open to luscious gardens, the French Suite is truly a masterpiece!   

The property also offers some fantastic activities for guests to do while staying on the island. The Great House will surely keep its guests entertained with its expansive offering of relaxing spa days, yoga regimens and exercise classes, hiking, scuba diving, and more. 

The seclusion and soothing nature of The Great House allow guests the opportunity to truly relax, leaving them with an unforgettable impression of this significant jewel in Antigua & Barbuda!

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