The International Podcast SE2: EP13 - Will Shelton on Corporate American Winning Back The Trust of Black People

Will Shelton, Author of the Silent Agreement and Jeevan Robinson, Host of the International Podcast

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Release Date

Friday, October 29, 2021


This week on The International Podcast: Conversations That Matter, Host Jeevan A. Robinson speaks with Wil Shelton, Author of the new book “The Silent Agreement”, on how Corporate America can win back the trust of Black people.

American corporations spend billions telling Blacks they know their responsibility to the Black community. But what have they done about it? According to Wil, "Blacks want a full commitment from corporate America."

In the book The Silent Agreement by Wil, he prepares Black Executives in Corporate American to go toe-to-toe with their White counterparts. 

Listen to the full conversation below: 

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