The MCAP Opposition Expresses Concerns With The Operations ZJB Radio.


Office of the Opposition

Release Date

Thursday, March 10, 2016


On Thursday 10th March 2016, the opposition released a press release to all media establishment on island regarding the apparent disregard of the PDM administration in passing the uniform plan of arrangement bill (BAICO and CLICO).

It was only after the MCAP opposition released this press release that the Premier decided to inform the nation via the said ZJB evening news; to whom the press release was sent too - that he intends on placing the bill before the Legislative Assembly at the next sitting. This action by the Donaldson Romeo cements our claims that his government continues to manipulate the state owned radio station in an effort not to bring the truth of his administration’s failure in managing the business of the people they are elected to serve.

If indeed you were going to place the bill before the house prior to MCAP Opposition’s earlier press release, we therefore call on you Mr. Premier to tell the nation truthfully the answers to the following questions;

1. How long has this bill been sitting on your desk?

2. What efforts have been taken before today’s press release to take this bill before the house?

3. Why hasn’t this bill had its first reading before the house as yet?

4. Why have you been so silent on matters related to this bill before today?

As an Opposition, we would like to categorically place on the record that we have concerns with what appears to be the overabundance of influence the substantive Minister for information, Premier Romeo, has on the dissemination of information without political bias. We therefore call upon Premier Romeo to release the shackles of fear from the journalists of the government owned radio station and afford them the moral right to report unbiased, with neither fear nor favor.

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