The Music of The Caribbean Comes to Canada, Courtesy of Two Cricketing Greats

Spirit Band of Antigua and Barbuda

Jesson & Co / MNI Alive

Release Date

Monday, May 6, 2024

The music of The Caribbean is just as spirited and dynamic as its people. Soca, reggae, calypso, and even classic Rock n’ Roll: these are just a few of the genres beloved by the region’s talented musicians
For some Canadians, exposure to these genres may be a rare occasion, perhaps on vacation or at annual events like the Toronto Caribbean Carnival. The latter event typically unites millions in their love and appreciation for Caribbean performers and pageantry, speaking to the universal appeal of Caribbean music.
On May 10th, Canadians will have another chance to enjoy the sounds of The Caribbean, as Antigua and Barbuda’s Spirited Band performs a set at the Galaxy Grand Convention Centre in Brampton. The twist? The Spirited Band just happens to have two of the greatest Cricket players of all time on guitar and bass.
Sir Richie Richardson and Sir Curtly Ambrose - two of Antigua and Barbuda’s legendary “Four Knights” of Cricketing fame - will delight audiences, performing a varied setlist that includes love groove reggae; soca; calypso; R&B, and classic reggae. The beautifully harmonious voices of vocalists Tamah Boston and Ebony Thomas effortlessly transcend the lines of soft, sultry, and soulful.
The family-friendly event represents a coming together of Music and Cricket fans…and a unique opportunity to mingle with the diaspora and learn more about the music of The Caribbean from some of its most famous performers. We’d love to connect you with either of the Knights to speak more about their musical journey at your convenience.

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