The Thrive Experts Challenge You to 'Slay Your Inner Bully' in 2019


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Friday, January 18, 2019


London, Ontario -  For many persons, the start of every new year often brings about the desire to create some measure of positive change in their life.

This February, The Thrive Experts will once again be helping individuals to transform their lives into ones of abundance, happiness and fulfilment, devoid of self ‘bullying’ with their aptly titled unique 6 week program entitled ‘Slay your inner bully’.

The Slay Your Inner Bully program is an intimate, intensive 6 week online program produced and presented by The Thrive Experts aka Jennifer Slay and Jennifer Jimbere and is geared to help people to improve their ability to manage their inner critic (that often disparaging inner voice) and to take purposeful action steps towards living life better than just good enough.

Jennifer Slay is a qualified social worker, certified life coach, therapist, motivational speaker and community work enthusiast with a mission to support others who through their challenging times. She shared, “Despite all of my triumphs, I knew the feeling of living in self-doubt, having low confidence and wearing the plastic smile on a daily basis. In this program, I plan to share aspects of my own life where I’ve had to employ the same strategies I teach.”

This course is offered in conjunction with accomplished business coach, profit consultant and best-selling author Jennifer Jimbere who also had to embrace positive life change to be able to now make a larger contribution and be open to a more abundant life. She shared, “With my business planning experience, I will encourage participants to not only think about what they want in all areas of their life, but to also put a plan of action in place to take action”

After much previous success, Slay Your Inner Bully is back to take participants on a 6 week journey of self-awareness where they will participate in exercises of self-reflection, obtain tools for self-empowerment, gain strategies for building emotional intelligence & goal achievement, explore concepts of positive psychology, receive evaluation via the DiSC behavioural assessment program and be supported by two competent and relatable facilitators.

Most notably, with a combined 40 years in Psychology & Human Performance, both Jennifers are also mothers and have a high capacity for empathy and understand the importance of fostering progress in others at all stages of their respective journeys.
They are determined and excited about helping both men and women live and attain success strategies for life, business & relationships with the upcoming Slay Your Inner Bully program.

The 6 week program will be conducted via video conferencing platform Zoom and begins with 2 sessions to choose from on Wed. Feb 6th, 2019 at 12PM EST and Thur. Feb 7th at 7PM EST.

Note: To register for the life-changing Slay Your Inner Bully workshop please visit:

For additional info, please use the following contacts: (E); (P) 1-877-786-7190;;

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