The Top 5 Travel Apps of 2020 to Help You Travel Better


Tali Haim

Release Date

Monday, July 6, 2020


When you search for travel apps on App Store and Play Store, you’ll get numerous apps in the search results. You might think that is great, you are wrong! Most of the apps are pathetic. Separating the good ones from the bunch is no easy task. For enjoying a Hollywood casino, you can use the code on your favorite casino to get a chance of  winning big,  you’ll want to travel somewhere to enjoy the spoils. This article saves you from browsing through insignificant travel apps by discussing five of the top travel apps in 2020. 


Every time you travel, you’ll find yourself waiting in airports on dirty seats, costly Wi-Fi, and terrible food. It is even worse if you don’t have business class tickets or memberships as you’ll have to move around looking for a lounge.

With the LoungeBuddy app, you’ll get access to information on which lounges you can access at any airport. You only need to fill in your credit card, lounge memberships, and airline status on the app. If you have none of these things, the app alerts you on any free lounges or the ones you can pay for a day. It is silky, free, and user friendly. The app is available for iOS users. 


AirHelp saves you the stress of canceled or delayed flights. Laws in the US and the EU state that passengers should be compensated when their flights are cancelled or delayed. Unfortunately, the process is complicated, and less than 1% of the passengers entitled to reimbursements get it. 

The AirHelp app helps passengers follow up their compensations at a fee. You need to enter your flight information, and a few other details about the issue, and the company takes it from there. 

If your recompense claim is successful, AirHelp takes 25% of the payment, and you get the rest. The company also offers bonuses for users that refer others to the app. The app is accessible on Android and iOS. 


On the app, you’ll access all the services you’d expect on an accommodation booking platform. You can conduct searches, view descriptions, and apply filters. The app has a full-screen interactive map that allows you to determine whether your preferred hostel is in a favorable location. You can also view user reviews to find out more about the app. You can access the app on both Android and iOS. 


If you want to feel the locals’ everyday life when you travel, consider using Airbnb. The app gives you access to individual rooms, couches, and apartments available for rent in different locations in the world. 

You can access all the services available on the Airbnb website on the app. If you are a social person and would love to interact with the locals when you travel, the app will help you. Users can access the app on both Android and iOS. 


HotelTonight will help you save money as you travel. The app offers users incredible last-minute cut rates on unoccupied hotel rooms. The app is very straightforward and efficient; it does not take forever to find you a place. 

The app also lets you search for hotels by city or attraction. Before making a choice, you can read other travelers’ reviews on the hotels. They also have a robust customer care service. Don’t get stuck; get your HotelTonight app on your iOS or Android device. 


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