The UK's First Black Business Directory Phone App To be Launched Later This Year


Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Saturday, June 28, 2014


The UK's first black business directory app is now set to launch. During the month of October, 2014, The Black Business Directory (TBBD) will be launching the UK's first black business phone app. The launch is set to coincide with Black History Month in October.

TBBD app is the brainchild of Mr James Simmonds, a resident of Birmingham, England.

James tells MNI Alive Media how the idea for the black business directory came about; "We first thought of the idea of a fully comprehensive Black Business Directory after a speaking engagement as part of a mentoring programme with inner city school children."

It was the request made by these students that inspired Simmonds to do something further to redress their specific need. He further went on to explain; "After the session, several of the students approached me and asked to do work experience at my then marketing company as they were unsuccessful in finding suitable employers within the community. They mentioned the difficulty in locating black businesses and had decided to settle for work with menial employers, such as fast food outlets, packaging companies and the like. In speaking to the school administrator concerning this, I promised that I would forward a list of local black businesses and professionals that I knew within the area that would be willing to support the students. The idea of putting through a local directory was then born, and just began to grow into what is now the first edition of the black business phone app."

The black business directory phone app will consist of hundreds of Afro-Caribbean and African businesses and services, which will all be accessible via your smart phone. The phone app directory will be a personal guide to wide-ranging services and businesses across the entire United Kingdom. Gone will be the days of searching lengthy websites and search engines. With one simple download, anyone who chooses to, will have access to the growing African and Afro-Caribbean business sector via their mobile phones.

To be a part of TBBD, registration is free and is open to all UK based Afro-Caribbean & African owned businesses. The process to register is very simple and most of all it is free. Simply go to the website at and register!

This will be the UK's first and only concise Black Business Directory (TBBD) phone app that will feature such listings as businesses, charities, support groups, places of worship, medical facilities, care establishments, professional services, travel and leisure centres, plus a host of other interests.

Simmonds explains; "We have made the commitment to produce a well presented and quality product to help promote and support African and African-Caribbean businesses within the UK. Our aim is to ensure that our community has access to the wide range of businesses and services that are available to our specific needs."

To be listed in the phone app go now to the website at and register your business today!

The Black Business Directory is available in the iTunes store here for download presently. The major launch will take place in October, with a major city to city promotional tour currently in effect.


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