The World's First Crypto Savings App Launches in the UK, Denmark, Czechia and Estonia


Release Date

Saturday, July 27, 2019


Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing how money is spent, accepted and saved. savedroid pioneered ways to merge traditional savings with cryptocurrencies, and now found the best technical and regulatory setup to realize its vision.

After the successful introduction of a fiat savings app in Germany, and with the recent launch of the world’s first regulated crypto savings app, savedroid now has the first-mover advantage in building a war chest for its rapid expansion strategy and market penetration across Europe, all while building bridges to other continents.

Disrupting the market is never easy, however, with concerns of currency stability, trust and even how to get started in bitcoin saving, many topics are of such concern. savedroid is hailed as a smooth path to cryptocurrency saving, making it accessible to everyone. Their motto is “Savings made really easy.”

Debuting in 2019 in UK, Denmark, Czech Republic and Estonia - founded by Yassin Hankir and Tobias Zander in 2015 - savedroid strives to be the top go-to app for crypto savings around the world. savedroid exists to bring personal piggy bank savings into the modern world. They’re reshaping the experience of savings and cryptocurrencies, making the process simple, smart, and fun—with absolutely no crypto exchange signup, wallet setup or private key handling required.

Without any technological adoption barriers, savedroid leverages its existing core asset of self-learning AI technology. Such technology works to enhance the User Experience based on maximum simplification and emotional gamification, helping everyone reach their goal effortlessly.

The Artificial Intelligence algorithm analyzes user checking accounts and identifies saving potential. Then, automatically transfers these savings into the user's savings account, seamlessly and without hassle, amplifying user investments.

Getting a foothold in the crypto world has never been easier than with savedroid. Learn about cryptocurrencies, download the app, create an account, set up your goals, and finally, reach for the moon! Saving in cryptocurrencies is now that easy.

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