This is a Big Deal! Soca Artiste Scrappy Set To Perform In Moscow, Russia!


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

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Friday, January 5, 2018


This is a big deal! In fact this is monumental.

Firstly, let me, on behalf of Marketing, News & Information Media - MNI Media, offer congratulations to international Soca Artiste Scrappy for landing this event in Russia.

Russia you ask?

Yes! Scrappy is heading to Moscow! The land of Putin and Vodka, to perform Soca in February! This will be the first time in the history of Russia that Soca will be touching the concert halls of Moscow via a live and direct Soca artiste in Scrappy.

Soca lovers everywhere should be excited about this, to see the art-form transcending borders once thought of as next to impossible. This goes to show that with a dedication to one's craft continually honed, the achievements can be limitless.

This event in Russia is a part of soca artiste Scrappy's 2018 tour, titled "Chapter 11 Reloaded." He teamed up with Russian Soca Movement and will perform there on February‚Äã ‚Äã3rd,‚Äã ‚Äã2018‚Äã, in the capital.

But why does MNI Media say Scrappy in Russia is a big deal though?

Since the passing of the late Soca King Arrow, it has been noticeable that the island of Montserrat, from where Scrappy hails, has failed to grab ahold of an artiste of similar flair and talent, and push this individual.

MNI Media has always opined that Scrappy fits the ilk, with the talent and business acumen to be considered and supported as Montserrat's next mega Soca superstar. I am not saying he should be like Arrow, for I believe everyone as an artiste must celebrate and expose their unique talents, but Scrappy has proven via his music that he continues to evolve and test boundaries.

Scrappy, in many regards, heading to Moscow, shows what the island could have been capitalising on if he was aided and worked along with from a Tourism Marketing standpoint. If I were within the realms of Tourism Marketing in the Office of the Premier, long ago Scrappy would have been brought around the table to discuss how Montserrat can work with him and leverage his growth and exposure as being part and parcel of promoting Montserrat to the shores he visits and audiences he plays to. It would have been a symbiotic relationship - both camps working in tandem.

Scrappy has been to Seychelles, Toronto, UK Caribbean Music Festival in Liverpool, UK, USA, now soon to be Russia. The guy is a big deal!

On performing in Russia, Scrappy stated;

“Seeing soca music reaching this far is simply beautiful. It just shows how our music has no limits and to be apart of the vision that Russian Soca Movement has created makes me feel very proud and privileged”.

The journey towards Russian soil to perform his Soca hits is no small accomplishment.

We celebrate Scrappy for his vast talent, and wish him nothing but success on this journey forward.

Opportunity missed for Montserrat tourism marketing wise? Perhaps!

Listen to two recent songs from Scrappy below: 


Wukin Up

 Note: Scrappy is a UK based soca artist who has to date released his 11th studio album titled Chapter 11, and will be on tour starting from February 2nd, 2018. For more information and tour dates about the artist please go to.

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