Tip of the Day: Facebook Shares the Wealth


Manta Team

Release Date

Friday, July 24, 2015


With more than 30 million small businesses on Facebook, the social giant is expanding their platform to take on the reigning video heavyweight, YouTube, and readying their space to pay for video content.

Here’s the gist:

Like YouTube, content creators (that’s you) who upload videos to Facebook will have the potential to earn 55 percent off of ads that run while their video is played. (The rest of the cash stays with Zuckerburg’s camp.) So, what makes it different than YouTube? Facebook is banking on its colossal reach and a new feature called Suggested Videos.

Essentially, people won’t need to search for your videos or even be a follower—Facebook handles it. Suggested Videos will be a video-only sub-section of individual users’ newsfeeds that match topics they click on and redirects them to related videos.

Whether or not Facebook takes over the top spot for video creators remains to be seen, but their new endeavor presents additional opportunity to use video to get the attention of new and potential clients. And perhaps it’s just enough motivation to get you behind the camera?

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