Tough Talk Episode 3: Exposing The Heartless Nature and the Untruths of Montserrat's MCAP Administration


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Tuesday, June 23, 2020


Welcome to this week's Edition of Tough Talk.

Montserrat's MCAP's Administration, led by Premier Hon Eaton Taylor-Farrell have been thoroughly exposed by their management of the island's COVID-19 crisis.

Whilst COVID is no one's fault, in times of crisis this is when Leadership should stand out most and show itself to be for all the people, and not just some of the people.

This MCAP Administration seemingly does not wish to be pushed too hard on matters of accountability, as they continue too fail the people with a heartless approach.

Now in a crisis when MCAP should shine, have they shown themselves to be dim?

Listen to this week's Edition of Tough Talk...

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