Tribal Carnival is on the road promoting Toronto Caribbean Carnival


Stephen Weir

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Thursday, February 20, 2020


Celena Seusahai has packed her new costume and headed out the door for her flight to Trinidad and Tobago. Her trip to T&T’s Carnival is the 2020 start to a Mas on the Move for one of Canada’s leading exporter of the Carnival Arts.

She and her father Dexter head up the Tribal Carnival Mas Camp here in the city and on Grand Cayman Island. She is a past Queen of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival and for the past two years has captured the Band of the Year Award at Cayman’s annual carnival. Oh yes, Tribal also supplies costumes to other carnivals events in the Caribbean and the US, including Miami.

“I’m going down by myself and l will be playing Mas with Rogue once again (in Trini- dad’s Carnival), they are a branch of Tribe,” she told the Caribbean Camera. “We will have about 30 people in costumes in the T&T Grand Parade. They will be wearing outfits made by my dad and I for T&T’s Carnival Monday!”

After the parade, she will be getting ready for the Friday April 24th costume launch of Tribal in Toronto and then the Cayman Island carnival (called Bataba-no) on May 9th 2020.

Tribal is one of the first Toronto bands to announce their costume launch. Celena and Dexter traditionally stage their popular coming-out party in Scarborough, but notso this year. They have booked The Grand Luxe on Bayview Avenue in North Toronto.

The Luxe is a big modern ballroom that in past years has been home to other Mas camp launches including Jamaal Magloire’s Revellers. The ballroom can handle up to 650 guests for stand-up events.

Two weeks ago Tribal put out a sexy photo shot by TDotPixs, picturing Celena in a gold bejewelled costume complete with a crown (and a handsome buff king to go with it). The hot shot is meant as a tease for the coming Grand Luxe 11-section launch.

“I won’t be wearing that costume in Trinidad,” she explained. Consider it the show- stopper; “the costume is strictly promo for Toronto 2020.”

She has gotten so much response from that series of photographs, Celena just posted on Social Media that even though she wasn’t going to “drop these details until next month, I am going to now because the people have spoken! Tribal carnival Toronto presents KING- DOMS for the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2020. It all goes down April 24th, 2020 at the Grand Luxe at 3125 Bayview Ave, North York.”

After the launch Tribal will be opening its Mas Camp in Scarborough. It is in the same location as last year - 3401 McNicoll Avenue Unit 8.

Meanwhile, on Grand Cayman Island, Tribal Carnival Cayman already has a costumes sales desk in Georgetown and is doing a brisk business. Tribal looks after island revellers as well as travelling Canadians who want to take to the road during Batabano.

That is not all. Tribal will be holding its second annual Toronto Island boat cruise the Monday before Toronto’s Grand Parade. And after it that? There are other big carnivals waiting to be Tribalized!

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