Trinidad's Pop Sensation Shazelle's Hit Song With Beenie Man Gains Global Recognition


Ivan Berry

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Friday, August 3, 2012


Trinidadian (Caribbean), pop artist Shazelle, has been creating a major splash across the globe with her last single "State of Emergency" featuring Beenie Man. Since its release, her single has been receiving global attention from industry experts and fans with her latest win over in Japan.

On July 18th, digital sales for "State Of Emergency,' started on Recochoku (Japan's biggest digital download site) international charts and has reached the 2 spot within two weeks. "On this chart, Shazelle has beaten Nicki Minaj, One Direction, Cover Drive, Flo Rida, Kat DeLuna etcetera, all the new big names, it's a great sign that augurs well for the future," says Ivan Berry who manages Shazelle.

The official video for 'State Of Emergency" has well over 13K views on YouTube and is growing strong. The video recently hit the local and regional airwaves and now being seen on popular stations such as Synergy TV, CVM Hitlist countdown, MD TV, LINKS TV, RE TV, HYPE TV and CVM Plus.

Shazlle is a signed artist to Universal Canada, Universal Middle East and JVC Japan. She's on a mission to connect with
people all around the world. Shazelle is also a songwriter signed to Caribbean music publishing company C2W Music. She has released several singles and music videos over the last five years including Pick Me Up , Elevator , I Need Love and If We Fell in Love . She has traveled to many places working with world-class songwriters and producers, touring and performing and honing her song writing skills.

State of Emergency was co-written by Shazelle alongside other C2W music members, songwriter Candy Gloster and producer Mark Cyrus both from St. Vincent.

The video was her first one done in Trinidad. On the horizon for Shazelle is an album release for Japan and other global
markets. She is currently working on a deaf dance group in Trinidad and looks forward to joining a team of local personalities lending their voices in a local animated film to be released in August 2013.

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