U.S President Trump To Visit Hurricane Maria Ravaged Puerto Rico Next Tuesday


MNI Media

Release Date

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


U.S President Donald Trump, currently embroiled in a political storm with U.S Sports stars over the issue of respect to the U.S Flag, says he will visit the hurricane ravaged U.S Territory of Puerto Rico next week Tuesday.

There are 3 million U.S citizens living on the island of Puerto Rico who are now having to cope with the effects of Hurricane Maria's passage through that island.

Trump recently stated that Puerto Rico is important to him, and that they are "great people and we need to help them."

President Trump only announced the visit to Puerto Rico after his Administration came under fire for its lacklustre response to the damage done to the island.

According to many media reports, Puerto Rico is grappling with shortages of water and food. Also the island's electricity and communications networks have been widely disrupted from Hurricane Maria.

President Trump stated that he may also visit the nearby U.S Virgin Islands, who have also been badly damaged by both Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

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