Video: Conch Salad Preparation by Bahamian Conch Master at Frankie's Restaurant, Nassau


MNI Alive Media

Release Date

Monday, November 2, 2015


Conch salad is a delicacy enjoyed by many Bahamians and visitors alike.

Conch itself is a huge part of the Bahamian seafood offerings, with the meat prepared in various styles whether it be cooked, or uncooked - as you would have it in your conch salad. You can also have it fried, steamed, or in a very hearty bowl of conch soup! Whatever the method of preparation, conch in The Bahamas is a treat.

Whilst in The Bahamas, the media team were treated to a demonstration of how conch salad is prepared by the conch master at Frankie's seafood restaurant.

View the video of the demonstration below:

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