Warren Cassell Jr Speaks To Gathering of Youths From Trinidad's We Are Better Youths (WABY) Group


Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Monday, October 13, 2014


Warren Cassell Jr continues to be a source of inspiration for young people across the Caribbean. Cassell, who was recently on speaking engagements in Trinidad, courtesy of a regional financial institution, was invited also to speak to a group of young people from the group "We Are Better Youths" (WABY).

The invitation extended to the 15-year-old entrepreneur to speak to young people from the Laventille area of Trinidad, was made by the executive arm of WABY, as they sought to have Warren Jr, who is also a published author, assist in motivating young persons from the area to aspire towards wholesome goals that will benefit both themselves and their communities in a positive manner.

Warren Jr. addressed the gathering of about 50 young people on the topic; "Why You Must Approach Success as a Duty." The format of the presentation also included a question and answer segment, during which Cassell fielded questions to do with his business interests, and his balancing of school work whilst still seeking to grow as a young person in business. Warren Jr. urged the youths to adopt a 4-step process that he says has been working well for him. He also encouraged them to emulate successful people.

He told the crowd; "Success is about living your highest potential and maximizing all the talents that you have and not complaining about what you don’t have."

Founded in 2008, there are 60 young people who have so far registered with WABY. The group's mission statement is; "To provide opportunities for youth to develop entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and competencies for self-empowerment, life-long success and community well being through non-traditional and creative programmes, delivered by committed community groups, Corporate partnerships and Social Tithing Partners."

WABY was set up as a positive response to gun violence in the area of Laventille, Trinidad, where it was deemed necessary to provide a facility that provided for group sessions where troubled young people can gather away from the violence and crime.

Nichola Harvey, Executive Board Member of WABY expressed her pleasure at having Warren Jr speak to the group, and gave indications that WABY will seek to have Warren Jr involved in future meetings to further inspire the youths of the Laventille area.

According to Nichola in her statement to the media talking about WABY, she said; "The executives believe it is the community members who through organized events such as Sunday School, August School, Sports and Christmas events were able to save their generation from all the negatives of the environment. As such they felt that it was necessary to save this current generation of young people giving back to the community through the WABY group as their parents and other senior community members did."

Congratulations to Warren Cassell Jr as he continues to strive and develop as a young Caribbean entrepreneur and also as a source of inspiration to other young people across the region. View video of Warren Jr speaking recently in Trinidad below:



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