WINDRUSH-COVID19 Planning Enables African Caribbean Entrepreneurs to Prepare for the Next Normal


Rudi Page

Release Date

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


WINDRUSH-COVID19 Planning enables African Caribbean Entrepreneurs to create a lifelong skills legacy for inclusive, peaceful, caring and enterprising clusters within neighbourhoods for youth development, community economic wellbeing and civic engagement. We have started by distinguishing between sectors that have navigated the crisis effectively.

The total shut down of retail shops selling haircare & beauty products that focused on lowest price but not consumer education has created new market opportunities.

African Caribbean Entrepreneurs and their partners have quickly filled the gap with UK manufactured plant -based products for natural hair and online consultations supported by home deliveries to consumers in the UK, Europe and USA. is a platform and eco-system, developed by Rudi Page, hosting SHEAMOIST9 HAIRCARE SYSTEM and K77 Mens Range brands, formulated and launched in UK during August and New York, USA, December 2019 by Derek “DeCutter” Clement who also provides online expert information, maintenance advice and professional insight for all haircare conditions including cancer, diabetes, lupus and sickle cell.

SHEAMOIST9 has developed a business development strategy known as MUST that provides women entrepreneurs with opportunities to establish and grow their own family businesses from their regular purchases of SHEAMOIST9 haircare products. The benefits from this scheme also provides FREE Haircare & Barbering lifelong learning skills for children and young people between 8 - 25 years old.

Derek Clement Academy recently launched a Quality Barber Scheme that provides young people and adults with lifelong skills through a "Look, Learn & Acquire" approach.

Learn More about HAIRCARE MYSTERIES on Saturday 27th June, 1pm – 6pm or call Derek DeCutter Clement on 07852 125405 and Rudi Page on 07958 -744660

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