Wine It & Roll Song by Khemistry Gathering An Impressive Following


Jeevan Robinson

Release Date

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Wine It & Roll is the new cross-over song that is currently blowing up the airwaves within the United States Virgin Islands. The hit song is performed by a long standing music producer, from the island of St Thomas, who goes by the name of Khemistry.

Khemistry is no stranger to the music business, having had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in music from within the USVI and the wider region. Prior to him releasing this mega tune, Khemistry has been busy over the years laying down vocal tracks and producing mixes of the highest quality for the artistes he works with.

Khemistry is not a stranger also to the mike. He has previously performed songs that many persons may not have been aware that it was him who was singing! The final product of Wine It & Roll came about due to the persistence of a good friend of Khemistry, who built the beat and requested that Khemistry lay down some vocals on it.

MNI Alive recently caught up with Khemistry for a talk about the new song, amongst other things. Click on the play button below to hear what Khemistry has to say. The new song is also featured below.

MNIalive Interview - Khemistry

"Wine It & Roll" - Khemistry

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