Chief Magistrate (TC)

Posted by Magistrate's Court Services

Job Title: Chief Magistrate (TC)

Location: Brades , Montserrat
Salary: Included
Expiry Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Posted by Magistrate's Court Services

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Chief Magistrate in the British Overseas Territory of Montserrat.


To undertake the duties ascribed to the Chief Magistrate under the Laws of Montserrat and to manage the operations of the Office of the Magistrate.


  • Undertake the duties ascribed to the Chief Magistrate subject to the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code.
  • Civil Jurisdiction - To hear and determine in a summary way all disputes between party and party touching any matter of debt, breach of contract, covenant or other undertaking, injury to the person or other matter in any case in which the debt, damages or balance sought to be recovered does not exceed $10,000.00
  • To preside as Chairman of the Labour Tribunal
  • Hear Affiliation matters and certain matrimonial matters and other matters relating to the custody of children
  • Conduct Juvenile Court
  • Perform the duties of a Coroner 
  • Manage the resources at the disposal of the Magistrate’s Court, including the duties and responsibilities of Accounting Officer and the development and management of staff performance.
  • To undertake such other duties as may be assigned by His Excellency the Governor.


The successful applicant must:-

  • have a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and a Certificate of Legal Education;
  • be qualified to practice law on Montserrat and have general knowledge of the Laws of Montserrat; 
  • have at least 7, and preferably 10, years practicing as an Attorney -at-Law in criminal and civil matters in the OECS or any Commonwealth jurisdiction;
  • demonstrate strong leadership and management competencies and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


Appointments will be made on a contractual basis for a period of two years with the possibility of renewal.


Basic Salary

R6:XCD $76,620.00 / Year


Entertainment - $8,400.00   Housing - $30,000.00   Legal Services - $48,000.00   Market Premium - $18,000.00   Telephone - $1,800.00   Transport - $9,600.00  

Contract Gratuity

12.50% of Basic Salary


 Relocation Package
 27 paid vacation days annually
 Up to 25 paid sick days annually
 Personal Development Opportunities
 Access to Personal Advances
 Medical Insurance available
 Paid Holidays