Crown Counsel (Criminal)

Posted by Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

Job Title: Crown Counsel (Criminal)

Location: , Montserrat
Salary: Included
Expiry Date: Monday, November 21, 2022
Posted by Office of the Director of Public Prosecution

The Government of Montserrat is seeking applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Crown Counsel (Criminal), within the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution.


To assist the Director of Public Prosecutions with all Criminal Offences on all levels of the Government of Montserrat, statutory corporations, committees, and boards, including the instituting, discontinuing or taking over of all criminal proceedings.


  • To provide legal advice to the Governor, Ministers, Ministries and Departments in relation to a wide range of Government activities:
    • Research legal issues;
    • Provide oral and written legal advice;
    • Review case files and institute criminal proceedings.

  • To provide representation to the Government of Montserrat:
    • in Criminal matters in the Magistrate’s Court, High Court and Court of Appeal;
    • To assist the Director of Public Prosecutions in matters relating to the proceeds of crime (both confiscation and civil forfeiture).

  • To advise Government agencies and Departments on all legal matters including, but not limited to, Immigration offences, Proceeds of Crime, Dangerous Drugs, Forfeiture and Confiscation of Criminal Proceeds, Customs and Revenue Offences and breaches of the Labour Code.
    • Provide written legal submissions to the DPP
    • Provide draft orders for the court when required to do so
    • Review complaints and draft Indictments for use before the Courts.
    • Prepare simple affidavits for use in civil or criminal proceedings.

  •  Represent the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution on various Statutory Bodies and Committees. 

  • To provide legal information on behalf of the Government of Montserrat, pursuant to its obligations to various regional and international agencies and organisations; 

  • Provide advice and compliance reports in respect of International Treaties Conventions and Covenants extended to Montserrat.
    • Participate in national, regional and international conferences and meetings;
    • Prepare reports for national, regional and international agencies;
    • Conduct legal research and provide written and oral legal opinions to the DPP.


The successful applicant must:-

  • Possess a Bachelor of Law Degree;
  • Possess a Legal Education Certificate;
  • Be qualified as an Attorney at Law or a Barrister;
  • Admission to the Bar as an Attorney at Law or a Barrister;
  • Have a working knowledge of and ability to interpret the Laws of Montserrat;
  • Have a working knowledge and an ability to interpret legislation, rules, regulations, agreements and other legal documents; 
  • Be able to draft indictments, and pleadings;
  • Be able to prepare legal submissions;
  • Have extensive knowledge of legal principles, practices and proceedings;
  • Be able to draft other legal documents;
  • Show decisiveness, soundness of judgment and clarity of presentation; 
  • Have knowledge of Government procedure and practices;
  • Be able to analyze issues, and provide sound recommendations;
  • Possess good advocacy skills; 
  • Possess effective communication skills; 
  • Be computer literate;
  • Possess good interpersonal skills;
  • Be able to work long hours.

NB:  A Professional Allowance is available in the range of $24,000 - 48,000 dependent on experience.

Basic Salary

R17- R13:    XCD $58,896.00 - $65,232.00 / Year


Legal Services - $24,000.00   Professional - $24,000.00   Telephone - $720.00   Transport - $9,600.00  


 27 paid vacation days annually
 Up to 25 paid sick days annually
 Permanent & Pensionsable Position (Probationary Period)
 Annual Performance-based Increments
 Personal Development Opportunities
 Access to Personal Advances
 Medical Insurance available
 Paid Holidays

Deadline: November 21st, 2022

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