Head of Procurement

Posted by Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

Job Title: Head of Procurement

Location: Brades, Montserrat
Salary: Included
Expiry Date: Monday, August 1, 2022
Posted by Ministry of Finance and Economic Management

The Government of Montserrat (GoM) is seeking to recruit a Head of Procurement, within the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management.  This is a challenging and rewarding post working for the Government of Montserrat (GoM).  It offers the opportunity to make a direct and personal impact at a strategic level and the development of procurement on Montserrat.  The post holder will have considerable autonomy and a high level of responsibility for developing a GoM commercial strategy, establishing an appropriate structure and developing a new team. 


This is a challenging and rewarding post working for the Government of Montserrat (GoM).  It offers the opportunity to make a direct and personal impact at a strategic level and the development of procurement on Montserrat.  The post holder will have a high level of responsibility for developing a GoM commercial strategy, and establishing the associated structure. 

The economy of Montserrat has never recovered from the volcanic eruptions of 1995 and subsequent years. Two thirds of the land area of the island has been rendered uninhabitable and unavailable for economic activity and a substantial proportion of the island's population emigrated as a consequence. This includes the loss of the capital city of Plymouth, which had been the population and commercial centre of the island and its principal access point for trade, investment and visitors. The principal development challenges facing Montserrat since the eruptions are: the high costs of access, severe human capital deficits, a demand-deficient local economy and high energy costs.

The consequences of these challenges are evident in many ways. In the early years following the eruption the population declined to 2500 before recovering to just under 5000. The base of local business comprises only 150-200 firms, mostly micro-enterprises servicing the small local market. The public sector employs 38% of the working age population. The island is heavily dependent on imports of all types of goods and services.

The GoM has accountability for procurement of major goods and services required for the island to sustain and develop its infrastructure, education, health services and tourism. The primary vehicle for public procurement of this nature is a Public Procurement Board (PPB). As part of the UK government’s Commercial Reform programme, it is incumbent on all spending units, including those Overseas Territories using UK public funds that they operate in a transparent, fair and open manner, delivering value for money for both Montserrat and UK taxpayers.


Over a fixed term of up to 2 years the post holder will be responsible for leading change aimed at creating a professional approach to the GoM's procurement function and providing operational and strategic management. 

You will be working closely with key stakeholders, develop and agree a clear vision for GoM procurement and commercial transformation and implement specific procurement strategies, to obtain best value for money and sustainable cost reductions from expenditure on goods, services and works.

You will create, lead, train and develop a team that can manage the whole procurement life cycle of all goods and services for GoM and ensure that all aspects of procurement and supplier management is carried out in a capable, and professional manner.

You will implement the recently revised GoM procurement Regulations and lead on training of these Regulations.

Your sourcing strategy will incorporate plans and processes for development of an ongoing procurement pipeline and development of the wider supply base and identify ways in which local capacity and capability can be built and utilised in meeting GoM requirements.

You will be responsible for ensuring that the GoM's requirements are sourced utilising sound contractual and commercial arrangements which recognise and mitigate risk and build capacity and capability on island.

You will provide a focal point for procurement and ensure all staff are trained to the highest levels on the regulations, procurement and commercial best practice and procedure and process in order to ensure the commercial interests of GoM are protected.

You will be responsible for raising wider commercial awareness amongst GoM.


  • Educated to Degree level or equivalent;
  • Full membership of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) or equivalent;
  • Minimum 5 years' experience and proven ability to deliver excellence in commercial leadership role(s);
  • Proven procurement transformational management experience and success;
  • Superior leadership, influencing and negotiating skills;
  • Highly effective communication skills, written and verbal. Able to communicate effectively with colleagues at all levels. Excellent report writing skills; and
  • Strong organisational skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines.


Procurement Capability Development

  • Responsible for providing leadership, direction and challenge to the procurement team, including deployment of relevant best practice, development of team capabilities / competencies; 
  • Responsible for ensuring all procurement team members are fully supported through a learning and development plan to: share their knowledge and experience through coaching less experienced members of the team; up-skill their competencies; and support and contribute to a stimulating environment that drives procurement best practise at all times;
  • Responsible for identifying wider commercial awareness and capability levels in wider GoM and working with stakeholders to identify ways to continually improve procurement practices and results.

Supplier & Market Development

  • Develop a stakeholder management programme to ensure that internal customers are identified, engaged early and regularly ahead of procurements, issues resolved and customers’ requirements are clearly articulated to the market to ensure needs are met; 
  • Utilise benchmarking of external market conditions and apply these to the GoM's procurement exercises to ensure best value is achieved by the tender process;
  • Develop team knowledge of appropriate procurement routes/techniques;
  • Develop a strong contract management focus and capability to manage supplier performance and relationships and
  • Delivery of timely communication of contract / supplier issues and resolutions.

Oversight & Structuring of Procurement

  • Clear communication to procurement team members and the wider stakeholder community of relevant standards, procedures and priorities;
  • Provide Leadership and Direction on legislation & compliance in procurement for the GoM through formal guidance and communication in order to avoid business exposure to litigation and reputational risk;
  • Responsible for driving collaborative purchasing across all departments and services within the GoM;
  • Responsible for development of strategic contracts to consolidate spend, leveraging the GoM's procurement power to deliver better value for money; and
  • Responsible for creating and co-ordinating procurement frameworks where appropriate key stakeholder groups, to reflect the current available expertise.

Lead and Develop the Procurement Function

  • Implement and provide training in the GoM’s new Regulations;
  • Establish and apply the Rules & Governance of procurement in the GoM. Build on the best practice and documentation review to establish sound procedures and business processes for analysis, and tendering; and
  • Develop a centre of procurement expertise for the GoM providing expert advice when required. This is to include, but not be limited to, end-to-end procurement practice, spend analysis, negotiation skills, and contract and supplier management.

Terms and Conditions of Engagement 

The terms and conditions applicable for this appointment include:

  • For a period of (2) years with a proposed start date of October 2022; and
  • The total remuneration package will be competitive


The Head of Procurement will work closely with the Senior Management Team of the Ministry of Finance and in particular, the Financial Secretary and Deputy Financial Secretary.

The Head of Procurement will report direct and be line managed by the Financial Secretary.

The successful candidate will be expected to work normal working hours of the Public Service. However, if required, he/she will be expected to respond appropriately and effectively to meet tight deadlines.

This job profile is not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities. There may be other ad hoc duties that fall within the remit of the role that the job holder may need to complete.  In addition, the job holder will be required to carry out any other reasonable duties as requested which are commensurate with the grading and level of responsibility for the role.

Basic Salary

R6: XCD $76,620.00 / Year


Cost of Living - $10,200.00  
Duty - $31,000.00  
Housing - $30,000.00   M
Market Premium - $122,580.00  
Transport - $9,600.00  

Contract Gratuity

12.50% of Basic Salary


The deadline for the receipt of applications is Friday August 19, 2022.  Interviews will be held between 30 August -2 September 2022.

Required Submissions

Please see below required submission(s), which can be uploaded via this portal. 

  1. Covering Letter
  2. Completed Application Form
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum Vitae with full particulars of Experience
  4. Certified Copies of Qualifications
  5. Clear statement detailing why you are well qualified for the position
  6. Two letters of reference with full contact details of the referees