Trainee Air Traffic Controller

Posted by Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy.

Job Title: Trainee Air Traffic Controller

Location: Brades, Montserrat
Salary: R39- R32: XCD $27,396.00 - $36,120.00 / Year
Expiry Date: Friday, August 12, 2022
Posted by Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy.

The Government of Montserrat is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons for the post of Trainee Air Traffic Controller, within the Ministry of Communication, Works, Labour & Energy.


To provide Air Traffic Control and Meteorological Services in accordance with Local and International Standards and recommended Practices. 


  • Maintain continuous watch on all visible flight operations on and in the vicinity of the aerodrome, including aircraft, vehicles and personnel on the maneuvering area;
  • Monitor the prescribed Air Traffic radio frequency, other prescribed radio frequencies, communications channels and electronic medium at all times during operational hours, issuing clearances and other information or attending to aeronautical user requests
  • Constantly monitor Air Traffic and General Airport Operations for the purpose of identifying actual or anticipated deficiencies and take the required action or expeditiously report same to the Air Traffic Control Supervisor
  • Maintain an understanding and current working knowledge of the Manual of Air Traffic Services, ICAO’s Annexes, Document 4444, Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, ASSI's OTARs and OTACs and other Air Traffic and Airport related documents;
  • Maintain a continuous watch of weather conditions, ensuring that synoptic and special meteorological observations are completed in accordance with the Meteorological requirements and that the information is recorded in a timely and accurate manner in the appropriate Meteorological registers, reports, databases or other means of documentation
  • Monitor the Air Navigation, Air Traffic Service and meteorological equipment for operational serviceability; initiate the required surface inspections reporting deficiencies as mandated by the Airport's fault reporting procedures
  • Support an effective response capability alerting the relevant users or personnel of any distress calls, overdue aircraft, hazardous meteorological conditions or other Airport emergencies
  • Record, prepare, collate and disseminate Aeronautical and Meteorological/Climatological data for the relevant users as prescribed by the Airport procedures;
  • Contribute to the Airport's Security and Control of the Restricted Areas in accordance with the Airport Security Programme and the conditions of issue of the holder's Airport Identification Pass
  • Undertake any other official duties related to the above that may be assigned by the Airport Manager, from time to time.



The applicant must have:-

  • A minimum of five (5) O'Levels
  • Clean Police Record and be resident in Montserrat for at least three years
  • Computer Literacy in Microsoft Office applications eg. Word, Excel, Access
  • Good general health, colour perception and no disability that prevents the performance of Air Traffic Service and Meteorological related duties
  • No dependency on alcohol, illegal substances and prescribed drugs
  • Good problem solving and analytical skills
  • Good judgement and be confidential
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good attention span, be observant, detailed and accurate
  • Good judgement and be confidential
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Good attention span, be observant, detailed and accurate

August 12, 2022

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