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Do you want to guarantee that your information gets published and receives an audience?

Not looking to spend crazy amounts, but something affordable and practical?
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For those seeking to publish the occasional release

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  • Single press release
  • Same day distribution
  • Social media distribution
  • Embedded images


An integrated solution for growing businesses and professional agencies

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  • Unlimited press releases
  • Same day distribution
  • Social media distribution
  • Search optimized
  • Embedded images
  • Embedded videos

Why Pay For Press Release Publishing

Guaranteed Distribution

With our press release guaranteed publishing service, you can set your guarantee that what you send in will be published and promoted.

Embed Rich Media

We support a variety of multimedia file types that allowing you to provide out site visitors with videos, images and embeds.

Social Media Distribution

We have thousands of social media followers that will be informed of your latest press release at no additional cost.

Rapid Distribution

Submit your press release and we'll have it published on the internet within the next 12 hours.

Increase you Visibility

Your press release will be placed via our online media outlet. We'll also send out your press release via our email newsletter so it reaches even more eyes.

Indexed and Searchable

Are you in Search? Increase your online visibility and brand awareness by having your press release indexed on our site by the major search engines

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